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Market Update

What's happening with Interest Rates?

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The Smart Decision of Homeownership

Why Homeownership Can Be a Smart Decision It all comes back to the phrase “home is where the heart is.” Owning a home is ingrained in the American spirit. It provides a sense of stability in that there is a place to call home that will always serve as a spot to unwind and to be with the ones you love.There is another aspect in play when it comes to why...
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When is the best time to Lock?

As you get ready to apply for your home loan, you may be wondering about mortgage interest rates. The interest rate you get on your home loan will differ according to current rates, loan types, loan terms, credit rating, and will determine your monthly payment on the loan. At some point during your home loan process you will need to lock in your interest...
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Gov’t cracking down on lenders targeting veterans with predatory loans

Junk Mail... If you have a VA loan, you’ve gotten lots, and lots, and lots of mail about refinancing.  Probably starting within days of your purchase.   Much of that marketing comes from a handful of lenders who specifically target veterans with deals that sound great.  However, those deals often have little benefit to the veteran but make the lender lots...
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Could VA loan limits go away?

  There is a bill in the House of Representatives (HR-815) that has proposed that VA loan limits go away.  With this change, veterans with full entitlement could get 100% financing on any loan amount, which is a fancy way for saying a veteran could buy a $1,500,000 home with zero down!!!      This could have a massive impact for veterans in high-cost areas...
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2018 VA loan Limits in CA

The ZERO down loan limits are going up in 2018!!!  See below for your county. You CAN purchase over these limits!  We've done VA loans as big as $1,500,000. They just require a down payment - and it's NOT for the difference (a common myth spread by people who don't do much VA). If you have questions on VA loans over the county limit, give us a call. They're...