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Learn what to look for and avoid in purchasing a home with a VA loan.

People in front of house

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your First Year as a Homeowner

You did it! You purchased your first home and have the keys in hand. Hopefully the purchasing process was smooth and you found exactly what you were looking for. Now that you have moved in and have all the furniture is placed, what will you do next? The possibilities are endless with home ownership. But there are some things you should definitely not do in...
Ruined house

The 3 magic words to know if a VA property will need repairs

Sure, it’s an older home. The wallpaper is funky. The avocado green appliances belong in a museum. But the neighborhood is great. With a little paint and love, it will be amazing. What you don’t know is if it’ll pass a VA appraisal. Will they require repairs you can’t afford, or don’t want to do? If you have these questions, then so does the seller. Here’s...
Abandoned house interior

Susan’s story – if you watered the carpet, it would grow

 Susan is a classy real estate agent. Originally raised on a farm, her roots still show a little. Thanks to her long pony tail hair, spark in her eye, and sharp wit. She was probably called a Tom Boy when she was young, but her wardrobe is pure power these days, with some seriously fun shoes to complete every outfit. Her clients had been looking. And...
Repair worker

Getting VA repairs done

 The door between the house and the garage isn’t self closing, nor does it have a solid core. Additionally, there’s peeling paint on the eaves and being an older house, it might have lead in it. All total, about $400 in token repairs. No problem, but: Who pays for them? Who does the work? When does it need to be done by? It’s all negotiable...

Lucy and Jim’s Story – Does that post look a little off its foundation pad?

 What holds up your house isn’t something you think much about. Until you realize your entire house might fall down. Do you see any problem here? The above graphic is pretty much what the appraiser noticed when they crawled under Lucy and Jim’s house. VA Properties need to be Structurally Sound The sellers had been foreclosed on, so they were long gone....
Housing damage

Judy’s story – Black substance under sink

Is it mold? Mildew? Spilled coffee? How can you tell? When in doubt… The agent saw it. The appraiser saw it. The home inspector saw it. Everyone guessed it was some type of mold, but nobody wanted to say those words out loud. While the agent and inspector could dance around the subject, the appraiser had to determine if a home is Sanitary. His solution...
Taped off house

Erin’s story – an $8,340 structural surprise

The engineer’s report wasn’t pretty: “There are some drainage issues … resulting in water pooling … subsequent water intrusion …. Cracks in slab also observed … Total Estimate for repairs … $8340.” The buyer didn’t have the funds. The seller hadn’t made a mortgage payment in months and couldn’t afford the repairs either. The short selling bank’s asset...