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Did you know that you can use your VA loan to refinance too?  

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Mortgage Loan: Fixed vs Adjustable

Buying a home comes with an incredible amount of decisions to make, whether it’s deciding on a neighborhood, finding just the right house to fit your lifestyle or determining what loan program works with your financial goals. Once you’ve narrowed down a specific mortgage program, you will have one final decision to make: is a fixed rate or adjustable rate...
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VA Refinance-o-Meter

Is it time to refinance your VA loan? Worried you're missing out on a better rate?  Then take two seconds and sign up here for a monthly update on exactly that!!  You deserve the peace of mind that you won't miss a refinance opportunity without having to open all of that junk mail. Junk Mail If you have a VA loan, then you've seen all the junk mail about...
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The dark side of ‘preferred’ lenders

After going through the pre-approval process you feel like your lender knows more about you than your doctor. They know things your mother doesn’t. They have every piece of paperwork in your house. They have earned your trust for this scary process. Now the perfect house is on the market. But the listing agent is pushing hard for you to use their ‘preferred...