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Home Buying Journey - Success Story - Jason & Karla

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Home Buying Journey - Success Story - Jason & Karla 


Jason and Karla never thought they’d find something in their budget.  They had been browsing online for a home for over a year, trying different agents and lenders and the frustration was growing.  Then the news got worse. 


Jason was unexpectedly being deployed, and he would be out to sea for several months.  The time was now or wait nearly a year.  Jason and Karla knew they needed to move quick, but still find something with low out of pocket costs they could afford.  No simple task.


That’s when they learned of the program offered by Military Home Loans, to cover some of their closing costs.  They’d been pre-approved by other lenders before, but none offered this kind of help.  This time they were confident in their ability to afford the payment, and keep costs down.


With the clock ticking, they found the right house and Military Home Loans had the loan fully approved in just 14 days, before Jason had to deploy.  With the closing cost assistance, they even had enough cash left over so moving wasn’t going to be an issue.  Jason wasn’t leaving Karla alone with all these decision, stress, and financial uncertainty.   Both Jason and Karla were happy about that and, are now excited to own their first home! 



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