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Home Buying Journey - Success Story - Jenn & Nolan

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Home Buying Journey - Success Story - Jenn & Nolan 


The landlord was selling the home Jenn and Nolan had been renting for years.  They planned on renting somewhere else, but their daughter insisted they meet with her friend, who happened to be a real estate agent. After an informative buyer consultation, Nolan and Jenn saw the value in buying a home instead of renting once more.


They had never purchased a home and had many questions about the process.  The agent put them in touch with a Loan Officer at Military Home Loans. He took the time to explain every step along the way.


In addition to getting personal attention, perhaps the most exciting part to Jenn and Nolan was how they could take advantage of Military Home Loans’ Closing Cost Program.


With the big lender credit, they got over $1500 of their deposit back!  Their loan in 21 days, and they had time to move out of their rental and into their new home well before the landlord needed them out.  What a relief!  


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