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Home Buying Journey - Success Story - Julie

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Home Buying Journey - Success Story - Julie


Julie’s previous purchase experience was horrible. There were extra fees, slow turn times and poor communication, which left her feeling less than thrilled to go through the process again.


But she was eager to sell her condo, use the equity, and move up to a bigger, more desirable place. After her last experience, she was unsure where to go to get herself pre-approved and avoid all those problems. 


Thanks to the financial assistance offered, starting the discussion with Military Home Loans was an easy first step.  She never looked back.  Throughout the process she felt like a valued client, had her questions and requests responded to quickly, and felt professional guided in helping choose her rate and loan terms. 


In the end, Julie decided to use her extra money to lower her interest rate.  And her loan closed her loan in just 18 days.   It was nothing like her last experience, and it makes Julie happy when her Loan Officer tells her she’s a client for life.  



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