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Judy’s story – Black substance under sink

Housing damage

Is it mold? Mildew? Spilled coffee? How can you tell?

When in doubt…

The agent saw it. The appraiser saw it. The home inspector saw it. Everyone guessed it was some type of mold, but nobody wanted to say those words out loud.

While the agent and inspector could dance around the subject, the appraiser had to determine if a home is Sanitary.

His solution – Get a pro involved

“Black substance under sink – Licensed contract to inspect, appraiser cannot clear”

Had the appraiser officially labeled it mold in their official report, and it turned out not to be mold, that would have been a major problem. The type that gets appraisers into court. Translation – CYA.

Per his direction, the mold people were called in. Yes, it was indeed mold, but one of the lesser severe types (Yes, there’s different levels of mold – aren’t you glad you don’t have that job?)

In the end it cost way more than a bottle of bleach to clean it up, but wasn’t the nightmare bill everyone had feared. The buyers got their home. Just as important, they also got peace of mind their house didn’t have any lingering - fuzzy - issues.


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