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Susan’s story – if you watered the carpet, it would grow

Abandoned house interior

 Susan is a classy real estate agent. Originally raised on a farm, her roots still show a little. Thanks to her long pony tail hair, spark in her eye, and sharp wit.

She was probably called a Tom Boy when she was young, but her wardrobe is pure power these days, with some seriously fun shoes to complete every outfit.

Her clients had been looking. And looking. And looking. They finally found what they thought was the right house at a seriously great price.

Seriously great price = something seriously wrong with the property

The write up didn’t have any red flags, but on their way over to view it, the listing agent did mentioned there was some ‘pet odor’.

What comes to mind when you hear ‘pet odor’? A couple kittens and litter box? Maybe a big wet dog?

What about farm animals? As in sheep! Indoors! Running around the ‘carpeted’ living room, where they’d lived for… years.

“I think I’m going to have to throw away my shoes after touring that property.”

That was Susan’s immediate feedback. She strongly recommended her clients pass, but they wanted it regardless. The seller was desperate. They came to a deal, the appraisal was ordered, we all held our breath.

“Replace all the flooring throughout the house”

That’s what the appraisal eventually called for as a repair. Off the record his comment was “I’m pretty sure if you watered that carpet, it would grow”.

The buyer wasn’t prepared for that much expense. The seller didn’t have the funds either. The deal died.

Yes, the borrower did have to pay for the appraisal. A $450 cost. Their viewpoint:

We’re buying a $500,000 farm house, and getting a good price. We were ready to replace the carpet in the worst room and could have put up with the rest. It was a risk we were willing to take.

Can’t blame them for trying.

Sorry, I never did hear if Susan actually did throw away her shoes.


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