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VA Refinance-o-Meter

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Is it time to refinance your VA loan? Worried you're missing out on a better rate? 

Then take two seconds and sign up here for a monthly update on exactly that!!  You deserve the peace of mind that you won't miss a refinance opportunity without having to open all of that junk mail.

Junk Mail

If you have a VA loan, then you've seen all the junk mail about refinancing.  Some of it looks like it came from the government themselves.  Other ads imply it's your last chance for some program that could end.  But, your gut instinctively tells you there's a salesman on the other end of that 800 number who's highly trained in their craft of getting you to say yes to something that will make them a commission, but might not be much of a benefit to you. 

The Market

Rates go up and down, leaving you with the overwhelming task of watching them on top of everything else in life.  Sometimes they get on a role and trend down over time, but then they trend back up seemingly overnight.  And vice-verse.  If you're weren't watching, would you miss an opportunity? 

Our solution

We offer a simple update on what your real options are for a streamlined, VA refinance on the first of the month, every month. Not some BS numbers based on an 'ideal client' who has perfect credit and everything else.  We leave those games to the junk mail people.  Instead, the numbers we send are based on your credit score, your current rate, your loan amount and the other details from your actual loan. 

This is something we automatically do for all of our past clients with VA loans and we can do it for you too. It's free and it is a VA program that never expires!

For most Veterans, this means they get a chart that shows how great their current rate is, and that it's probably not time to refinance.  Another month where they can sleep good at night knowing they haven't missed an opportunity and can continue to throw away all the junk mail. 

You don't need to be a past client of ours to get this update. 

If you'd like to have us send you numbers specific to you, we just need 7 simple pieces of information (no SSN or credit pull - we promise).



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